Scratchy throat and medicines

With the onset of the dark season, rain and cold make our defenses difficult. The falling temperatures increase the likelihood of catching a cold. A scratchy throat is often the first indication that cold viruses have colonized the mucous membranes. Here you can find out what you can do to stop the full onset of the common cold right now and how taking Meditonsin can help you do this.

Don’t get a cold now!
Cold symptoms can become extremely uncomfortable: we have to cough, the nose is blocked or runny and the head is booming. The same performance cannot be obtained in family and at work as would normally be possible. When you scratch your throat for the first time, the thought “Now just don’t get a cold!” on. Especially when urgent errands are pending, such as the long postponed weekly shopping or an important appointment in the office, this would be very inconvenient.

Because especially in the current situation, people with cold symptoms are also confronted with the reservations of their fellow human beings. Typical signs of a cold, such as coughing or sneezing, quickly evoke suspicious looks or a defensive attitude. Those affected then often feel embarrassed or excluded.

In addition, some people have personal concerns about not being able to correctly assess the symptoms themselves. If family members are then infected, the situation becomes even worse. Among other things, because children are sent home from kindergarten and school as a precaution if they have mild cold symptoms. For many, the urgent question is: What can I do to prevent a cold from breaking out the first time my throat scratches?

Cold viruses and the immune system: how does our body react?
The most common viruses that can cause a cold are called rhinoviruses. These are transmitted by droplet infection, for example when speaking, sneezing or coughing. But this type of virus also has a relatively long survival time on surfaces or the skin. If the rhinoviruses penetrate the body through the mouth or nose, the first thing they do is attack the mucous membranes. They attach to the mucous membrane cells via receptors in order to reproduce with the help of these cells.

Now at the latest our immune system becomes active: So-called phagocytes (monocytes) recognize the rhinovirus and release messenger substances (cytokines). Natural killer cells are alerted and begin to destroy the infected cells. These are then removed from the body via coughing and runny nose. In addition, the immune system begins to produce antibodies that work against the viruses.

Infection is often particularly problematic for older people because the immune system is less efficient than in younger people. This is shown by the fact that antibodies are formed more slowly and the mucous membranes regenerate more poorly. This makes it easier for pathogens to lodge there.

Meditonsin activates defenses and self-healing powers when the throat is scratched for the first time
In any case, it is important to act quickly at the first signs of a cold. Because the more cells have been infected by the virus and the longer it takes for these cells to be destroyed, the more viruses are produced in the infected cells. In order to stop the outbreak of a cold at the first sign, it is important to support the immune system as well as possible during this phase. Meditonsin is an ideal remedy for this.

Because Meditonsin drops and globules start right here. In contrast to many other remedies, they not only strengthen the immune system, but also the body’s own self-healing powers. This will stop the cold before it can really break out. Typical cold symptoms, such as runny nose or cough, which could trigger concerns and worries in the social environment in the current situation, do not even develop. The timely use of Meditonsin can protect yourself and your own family from stigmatization. In the following, we will tell you how Meditonsin works in the body.

How can meditonsin help avoid the full cold onset?
Meditonsin unfolds its effect in the body through a natural tri-complex. All three ingredients contained in it also occur in nature.

Meditonsin uses the three active ingredients to promote the formation of messenger substances (cytokines) that are released by the phagocytes. These messenger substances are of crucial importance for activating the immune system and for the use of killer cells. The faster they are released, the sooner the killer cells begin to destroy the cells infected by the cold virus and thus stop the virus from multiplying. The cold doesn’t even break out.

But even with an already existing cold, the activation of the cytokines and the associated support for the immune system and self-healing powers can significantly reduce the symptoms and accelerate the healing process. Meditonsin is therefore strengthening and therapy in one preparation.

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