Principles of wellness

Just leave everyday life and the worries associated with it behind and allow yourself the luxury of doing something good for yourself. The main idea of ​​wellness is relaxation. Peace and quiet and the enjoyment of time play a major role in wellness treatments, noise and hectic pace have no place here. Even if you want to pamper yourself with care arrangements at home, it is important to avoid disruptive factors from the outset.

Pampering yourself from head to toe without compromise increases the quality of life and can positively promote your own health. Why not turn your bathroom into a spa temple? What do you need for this?

You can also create atmosphere with colors in the form of cloths or curtains. Relax in the wellness tub A wonderful introduction to home wellness can be diving into your own tub. Because bathing relaxes the entire body muscles. While the water is running in, you can choose the right music for the background.

The following applies here: choose the music that is good for you at the moment. Whether the sound of the sea, the chirping of birds, classical music, jazz or even rock and faster sounds: What you like is allowed and what relaxes you personally.

The right bath additive So that you can enjoy your personal spa with all your senses, it is best to first choose a bath additive that suits your mood. To lighten the mood, citrus scents are very good. Roses or vanilla smell sensual, lavender and sandalwood, on the other hand, promise a restful sleep. Many bath products have already been enriched with aromatic oils, but you can also purchase a basic bath with suitable aromatic oils at the pharmacy; it is then important to use the recommended amount of aromatic drops. Sea bath and milk bath In blemishes to an anti-inflammatory can sea bath suitable.

A milk bath, as used by Cleopatra, is perfect for dry skin . To do this, you need: 1 liter of whole milk 4 tablespoons of honey

The milk bath soothes irritated skin areas and smoothes the skin. Care tips for the face You can also use the wellness day to pamper your face, because a fresh complexion looks healthy and relaxed. For example, clean your face and apply a suitable face mask or pack after a peeling . A steam bath can also help open pores, cleanse the skin, and stimulate blood circulation. It’s that easy: Place a cup full of dried herbs in a bowl. Pour in two liters of boiling water. Cleanse your face and hold it over the bowl.

After a few minutes, you can wash your face off with warm water. As an alternative to the steam bath, you can also put compresses with a herbal brew on your face for ten minutes. To do this, simply scald herbs with boiling water and let them steep for ten minutes before straining.

Use a small towel as a compress, dip it in the herbal stock and then wring it out. Body care: peeling and hair treatment While bathing, you can just close your eyes and indulge in your thoughts or have fun with a book. This is followed by hair removal and a body peeling.

A rub massage with a loofah sponge is the ideal extra care for the abdominal area, because it promotes blood circulation and tightens the skin. Meanwhile, a hair treatment can take effect and ensure a healthy shine in the hair.

If you don’t have a bathtub, you don’t have to do without the private spa. A refreshing alternating shower can promote blood circulation and also ensure a great sense of well-being with the bewitching scent of the shower additive. After the spa, you should definitely take a rest period .

It is best to wrap yourself up in a comfortable position on the sofa in a bathrobe and drink a herbal or fruit tea to warm you up. Foot massage and hand mask At the same time, you can treat yourself to your own foot massage .

Simply use so-called hedgehog balls with massage nubs. The reflex points on the foot are gently stimulated by circling the balls and ensure an absolute sense of well-being. So that everyday damaged and stressed hands have turned into little velvet paws after the wellness, you can now apply a special hand mask and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

Depending on how much time you plan for your home wellness, you can choose either a large program or small breaks every now and then.

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