Best and easy tips for weight lose after pregnancy

Lose weight after pregnancy: these tips will help you:

First of all, some positive news: shortly after the birth, the new mom is a good six kilos lighter. This weight loss results from the child’s weight, along with amniotic fluid, placenta, and blood. Unfortunately, the remaining pounds don’t go away that quickly. That’s why sometimes lose weight after pregnancy is very tough.

This is largely due to the fact that the body has already created emergency reserves for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is quite a draining business for a mother and also help to lose weight after birth. The body takes precautions so that you and the child are supplied with all the important nutrients.

Breastfeeding makes the baby pounds tumble:

Breastfeeding is a real miracle aid in losing weight after pregnancy. Mother has an additional calorie requirement of around 400 to 500 kcal per day. That means you can eat normally and gradually lose weight all by yourself. But: If you are breastfeeding, you should under no circumstances go on crash diets or go hungry.

Otherwise you and the baby will not be supplied with all the nutrients. In addition, the body attacks the fat reserves. In itself perfect, but pollutants are incorporated in the fat cells. These are released when the body reaches its fat reserves and enter the baby’s body through breast milk.

How can pregnant women prevent excessive weight gain?

If the weight gain during pregnancy is very large by comparison, it will often remain higher than normal after the birth. Likewise, the child is more likely to become excessively large and heavy at birth (macrosomia). A caesarean section is required more frequently in the pregnant women affected than in the mothers with a weight gain in the normal range. In addition, the excessive increase can lead to diseases such as gestational diabetes .

For the reasons mentioned, the pregnant woman should ensure that she does not gain weight disproportionately.

However, even an increase that is too small has negative effects, especially on the child. It often does not develop optimally and becomes too small and light for its age. The risk of premature birth is increased. Strict diets, fasting cures or similar means should therefore be avoided during pregnancy.

In order to manage body weight well and to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy, it is particularly important to have a suitable diet. It should be balanced and not contain too many calories.

Many pregnant women get cravings and can downright have attacks of eating high-calorie foods, often in unusual combinations. Every now and then these binge eating can be allowed, but they shouldn’t get out of hand. Pregnancy is a condition that requires more food, but it does not mean that you can eat twice as much now. Another problem is eating to manage mental issues or stress. Here the load should be balanced in another way.

Sufficient physical activity or sport is necessary to burn calories. This also applies to pregnancy to a certain extent. The pregnant woman should exercise regularly to the appropriate extent. For example, certain types of gymnastics, yoga or walks are good for pregnant women .

Nutritional advice can help many expectant mothers with such questions. For example, there are also courses that deal with nutrition or the correct preparation of meals during pregnancy.

Some easy tips that can help in lose weight after pregnancy:

1.Don’t stress yourself:

Nobody expects a new mom to be rid of all the baby pounds a few weeks or months after giving birth. During the 9 months of pregnancy, the mother-to-BE’s body went through numerous important changes. So it is only natural that you do not find your way back to your body “from before” in the first few weeks after giving birth.

So: don’t stress! Don’t set your goals too high, prefer to be happy about the offspring and enjoy the first few months with the baby.

2. Make sure you have regular meals:

A baby turns your life upside down. Getting a routine right is difficult. Many mums eat very irregularly and, above all, things that go quickly and fill you up. This often means copious amounts of superfluous calories.

In addition, this not exactly healthy diet does not necessarily help the young mother to be prepared for the stressful everyday life with a baby. If you want to speed up weight loss after pregnancy a bit, the first thing you should do is structure your meals better.

3. Cook yourself as often as possible:

Ready-made meals, sweets, cakes or sandwiches: all of this is quick and therefore many mums like to eat them. This is difficult because most of them lack time and energy. Nevertheless, take the time, get your partner involved and then cook quick, simple dishes in larger portions that you just have to freeze. Here are a few ideas for easy, quick recipes

4. Don’t snack all the time:

If you are breastfeeding, you can eat a good 500 kcal more per day: Many mums like to grab chocolate bars and the like as a snack between meals. Don’t do this if you want to get rid of pregnancy pounds. Take a look at the nutritional information! Rather eat healthy snacks such as natural yogurt with fruit, vegetable sticks or a sandwich.

5. Exercise regularly:

Very few mothers have time to go to sport. You don’t even have to run to the gym if you want to speed up weight loss after pregnancy. Starts a postnatal training course around six weeks after the birth. Find out from your doctor or midwife whether you are ready for exercise. Otherwise, make sure you get enough exercise in everyday life.

Take long walks every day. If the baby is a little older and you feel like exercising, you should find time windows together with your partner in which you can jog or go to the gym. DVDs or workouts from the Internet, which you can do in front of the TV or PC in the living room when the baby is sleeping, are also great.

6. Create space for yourself to relax:

The child is finally sleeping: Now it’s going to be cleaned, washed, tidied up . Of course you want to use this time, but sometimes just sit on the sofa. Stress is poison if you want to lose weight. If there are constant stress hormones in the body, more fat is stored on the stomach – and that’s exactly what you want to get rid of. Therefore, take regular breaks to relax and take time just for yourself.

Come down, relax. Sport, nutrition, relaxation . Is that taking too long for you? Then a few cool styling tricks can help you hide your stomach in the meantime ! You will see: You will immediately feel worlds better!

7. Try to get as much sleep as possible:

Sweets provide quick energy, which is why they are particularly popular when you are tired. Many new mothers eat a lot of sweets – and find it difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. It is best not to have large supplies at home, it helps.

Just follow these tips. These tips will help you to lose weight after birth easily and always be positive and happy 🙂


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