How to lose weight while sleeping

Of course, unnecessary and unwanted love handles don’t tumble on our body just by sleeping, so that we become slim. To fill your stomach with all kinds of delicacies during the day, but then to go to bed in the evening with the hope of being able to lose weight and become slim will remain an unfulfilled wish.

However, scientific studies indicate that lack of sleep can have an effect on hormone levels. In men, for example, after four hours of sleep, the concentration of the hormone ghrelin in the blood increases. This promotes the appetite. In women, the concentration of the intestinal hormone GLP-1, which contributes to the feeling of satiety, decreased during the same sleep duration.

The concept behind “Slim in Sleep” is also based on the idea that night fat burning only works optimally when the insulin level in the blood is particularly low at this time. The founder of the idea, Dr. Detlef Pape, therefore spoke of the principle of insulin food combining. In the following you will find out what exactly is meant by this.

“Slim in your sleep”: Lose weight with insulin food combining Insulin is a hormone that affects lipid metabolism. If you consume a lot of carbohydrates , the insulin level in the body increases. The blood sugar level drops and the storage of fats is promoted. With an insulin food combining, it should be possible in the context of “slim while sleeping” to supply the body with the right energy in the form of protein or carbohydrates whenever it needs them.

This includes a low insulin level in the evening in order to enable the desired fat burning at night, i.e. to lose weight while sleeping. This is how “slim in your sleep” works There are five important rules that should be followed as part of a “slim while you sleep” diet: As part of the insulin food combining, three fixed meals are kept. Snacks between meals are not allowed in order to keep insulin production low.

No protein-containing foods may be consumed for breakfast . These include, for example, sausage, yoghurt or cheese . Otherwise everything is allowed. As lunch light mixed diet is provided. Both protein and carbohydrate foods are allowed to be consumed. When dinner is complete on carbohydrates like bread , pasta or potatoes, waived. Fish, poultry or vegetables are ideal.

A session of endurance sports in the morning and muscle training in the evening are planned. This should also prevent muscle breakdown. “Slim in your sleep”: recipe for dinner In the case of insulin food combining, carbohydrates are avoided in the evening. A delicious recipe for a dinner based on the principle of “slim while sleeping” is therefore a minced meat and vegetable pan.

Ingredients for two people: 250 grams of ground beef 2 leeks 2 small kohlrabi tubers 2 teaspoons of oil 200 milliliters of vegetable broth 60 grams of low-fat cream cheese 150 grams of natural yogurt Salt and pepper Herbs such as parsley or chives Cut the leek into rings, peel and dice the kohlrabi .

Fry the minced meat with the oil in the pan for about five minutes until crumbly. Add the leek and kohlrabi and sauté briefly. Deglaze with vegetable stock and cream cheese. Let the mixture simmer for about five minutes. Spice up. Season the yoghurt with salt, pepper and herbs to taste and serve with the minced meat and vegetable pan.

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