Health care in old age

We humans are getting older these days that is why the topics of age and care are becoming increasingly important. It is difficult to determine when exactly old age actually begins, because many people feel more and more fit and vital and try to do something for their health until old age. Here you will find tips on sporting activities that you can still manage well in old age. You will also receive information on other important topics related to aging. What about sexuality in old age, for example? And what should you look out for when choosing an outpatient care service?

Travel to distant lands, Take the next free space for the yoga class or conquer the catwalks as a best-age model – those who are still fit and healthy in old age like to use the time for activities according to their mood and taste . Those who no longer face all the demands of everyday life can still achieve relatively independent freedom of movement and actively participate in life with everyday aids such as a rollator or a walking stick. Anyone who feels weak due to their age and is afraid of attacks can arm themselves with special self-defense exercises. More information on everyday aids, traveling in old age and self-defense courses for seniors.

Healthy nutrition plays an important role throughout life,no matter what age you are. A balanced diet and the daily drinking of water is an important and energy-generating supply for our body. As people get older, it is particularly important that they drink enough and consume the right calories. Seniors living alone tend to drink far too little and often suffer from dehydration. The solitude also means that single people aged do not eat enough and take too few calories leads. What the body needs in fluids and calories from a certain age and why a healthy diet is the be-all and end-all for seniors.

Getting old and being able to pass old age without major suffering, that is a wish of many people. In fact, the age rate has risen significantly in recent years, we humans are living longer than we did a few decades ago. The reasons can also be found in a change in lifestyle in contrast to the past. In addition, more and more people live in the knowledge that a healthy and active lifestyle keeps the body younger. A balanced diet and regular exercise play an important role in both aging and old age. With age, of course, the body, its functions and thus also life change. Tips & tricks on the subject of age and the ways in which you can keep yourself young.

For many people, old age confronts them with new tasks. This can result in restricted mobility and increasing pain. The older a person gets, the greater the risk of age-related illnesses or impairments of the body. Problems that were not present until recently, such as climbing stairs or taking a shower , can appear suddenly and be accompanied by pain. What to do if the body hurts, how should the medicine be dosed? Since many organs of the body work differently in old age than in younger years, the administration of medicine and painkillers must also be adapted and possibly changed. Interesting facts about medicine in old age.

Remain independent in old age and continue to live in your own home, that is the understandable wish of many seniors. Even those who can no longer take care of themselves completely have a number of living and care options to choose from. For many seniors, assisted living is a very good alternative to a nursing home. Mobile care by geriatric care services and the home emergency call are also important pillars that enable seniors to live in their own four walls for as long as possible. The care levels in which you are classified and which payments can be expected from long-term care insurance depend entirely on the clinical picture and the associated need for care. An overview of care, possible forms of living in old age and interesting facts about caring for relatives.
The decision to move into a retirement home is a big step for everyone involved. But when your own strength weakens, memory weakens and older people no longer feel safe in their own four walls, sooner or later the path leads to a retirement home. This not only means giving up your familiar surroundings, dear neighbors and of course your own apartment, in which you have lived for a long time, but also losing some of your personal freedom and self-determination.

Checklist retirement home
In addition, moving to an old people’s home also means a significant change in life. The stay in the nursing home is not temporary, as in a hospital, but usually permanent. Only a few people move from the old people’s home back into their own four walls. Nevertheless, there is no reason to be afraid of going to an old people’s home or nursing home.
Retirement home: benefits of care
Many so-called senior residences, as old people’s homes, now offer modern, friendly facilities, bright rooms with plenty of space for individual design, good food, spacious gardens and lots of leisure activities. In addition, a retirement home can be a valuable opportunity, especially for single seniors, to establish and maintain social contacts. Because while it is difficult to get to know new people at home in your own apartment, the retirement home offers numerous opportunities to meet like-minded people – be it while eating together in the dining room, in the common room or during an organized leisure activity.

At the same time, the comprehensive care and support in the old people’s home is an enormous relief for the relatives. They are relieved of strenuous duties and at the same time have more time to spend pleasant hours with those in need of care.

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