Hands and nails care

Many people first look at the hands and fingernails of their fellow human beings.This makes it all the more important to take care of your nails on a regular basis. Here you will find 22 valuable tips on hand and nail care. With these tips you will be up to date on how to properly care for and clean your fingernails.

1. Files instead of cutting. It is gentler to file your nails regularly. If you still want to cut your nails, it is better not to use nail scissors, but rather with a nail clipper (nail clip) or special nail nippers.

2. Avoid metal files Even if metal files last a long time, they should only be used on very hard nails.

3. Gently file brittle nails If you brittle and splintering nails, has a soft file should be used, such as a sand sheet file, a mineral file or a glass file. Disadvantage: Sand leaf files only last for a few manicures.  It is also advisable to only move the file in one direction so as not to roughen the nail. 4. File wide nails narrow Wide fingernails can be optically narrowed by filing them into an oval shape. This stretches the nail so that it appears narrower.

5. For healthy nails you regularly can nail oil or nail polish in a circular motion rub on the nail and around the nail bed.  If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to expensive care products or an expensive manicure, you can simply help yourself. There are practical home remedies for caring for your hands and fingernails: Lemon juice : The juice of a lemon is not only effective against discolored nails. Rubbing the inside of a lemon peel into the hands also makes the hands softer and has a skin-cleaning effect.

Caution: only apply the acidic liquid in small doses. Petroleum jelly, olive oil or glycerine: rub one of the products mentioned in the morning and evening to give your fingernails a shine and a sufficient supply of moisture.

Castor oil: You can prevent soft and brittle fingernails with a teaspoon of castor oil. Mix the oil with a little lemon juice and apply to the fingers and the nail bed. This makes the nails stronger. Rubber gloves when cleaning: To avoid rough skin and brittle nails from cleaning agents containing chemicals, you should always wear rubber gloves when cleaning.

Soft nails Soft nails can be counteracted with a nail hardener .  However, apply the liquid only to the front part of the nail so that the lower nail retains its elasticity.

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