Fitness through exercise

The time after Christmasthis is the high season for diets : As every year, the eternal resolution comes: finally lose weight permanently! But the truth is: the unwanted pounds, the bacon rolls on the stomach and the ugly pads on the buttocks and thighs did not come overnight.

Unfortunately, they won’t go away overnight either. Unless you get on them with an effective concept. Lose weight with regular endurance training Indoor cycling is a safe and extremely efficient way to lose weight permanently . Why? The body burns fat most effectively when moderate but regular endurance training (aerobic exercise) is carried out.

Only a few sports are suitable for aerobic endurance training and thus for effective and safe fat loss. Sports for targeted fat loss should use large parts of the muscles, be rhythmic and be able to be exercised moderately with low intensity over a longer period of time. Bike path towards the slim line Indoor cycling demands the entire lower body, similar to jogging, walking or Nordic walking , but it is easy on the joints because most of the body weight rests on the saddle. A few years ago, the indoor cycling wave from the USA spilled over to us and has now become an insider tip for targeted fat burning .

For women, training on the rigid bike has a very special, positive side effect: You specifically train the muscles in the problem areas, buttocks, thighs and calves, which leads to beautiful, aesthetically well-shaped legs. How many calories are burned while cycling indoors? The goal of indoor cycling, according to Alexander Natter’s Fit Appeal concept, is to keep the pedaling frequency as high as possible over a longer period of time.

An optimal training session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, advanced users can train for up to 90 minutes or even longer. During the whole time you pedal incessantly, which on the one hand stimulates fat burning and improves the condition. In one hour indoor cycling one consumes about 450 calories .

Different sitting postures or handlebar grips not only strengthen the leg muscles, but also the upper body muscles. Indoor cycling: suitable for everyone The usually infinitely variable adjustment of the pedaling resistance gives the feeling of riding uphill or downhill, which is particularly advantageous for overweight people, people in poor physical condition or for the elderly.

If the training is too hard for you, you can simply reduce the resistance and drive at your individual level. Nobody is left behind or has to surrender to a small climb. Alexander Natter recommends a training program that is as varied as possible so that riding on the rigid bike does not become too one-sided. The excuse “no time to train” doesn’t count! Indoor cycling is offered in almost every fitness center!

If you are very busy and have little time or generally prefer to train at home , you should buy a good indoor bike, a cycle trainer or bicycle ergometer. So you can train regardless of the time of day or the opening times of the studios. For example, in the morning before or in the evening after work.

This one-time investment in health and fitness is definitely worth it, because high-quality training equipment has a lifespan of many years. To avoid boredom when training at home, it is advisable to do the training in front of the television or with loud music and varied programs.

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